Advancing clinical development
through innovative technologies

Strategic research and presentation tools for therapeutic areas

With ta-Scan, clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industry have all the tools they need to make better, evidence-based decisions. Whether you need to optimize study placement or select research partners, our unique platforms, portals, and presentation software will help you bridge the information gaps in today’s competitive clinical research environment.

What ta-Scan has to offer

MDCPartners has developed this innovative online platform to identify and classify individuals and their research relationships. With ta-Scan, users can locate KOL associations, as well as investigators with specific therapeutic experience, or institutes with the capacity to conduct complex protocols. Through this one tool, users can gain powerful insights without needing to access dozens of databases. And ta-Scan also presents global and national therapeutic landscapes as easily navigable experiences.
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Innovation in data visualization

The premier platform of MDCPartners does not only compile and illustrate public data. Additional, complementary tools within ta-Scan allow users to create reports and presentations from specific analyses.
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