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MDCPartners has developed a robust inventory of algorithms and unique tools necessary for strategic real world data representation. From ontology development and data transformations to analyses, visualizations, and reporting, MDCPartners has the experience and expertise to help you gain optimal insights from your data.

Most organizations understand that today’s informational challenge is not data mining, but rather data decoding. Biopharmaceutical companies are particularly challenged by dirty data within legacy systems, especially as users are increasingly skeptical when implementing new enterprise data solutions.

Turn data nightmares into data assets

Clinical trial management systems are notoriously inconsistent. Equivocal naming conventions, spelling errors, and abbreviations continue to challenge developers and users. And input from internal and external stakeholders can compound the inconsistencies within the data. Considerable effort is often required to create databases that produce data that are meaningful and shareable.

A key MDCPartners service is semantic data cleaning capabilities. Through our proprietary ontologies, individuals and site organizations have been mapped to a consistent nomenclature. Mapping your real world data to these accepted definitions reduces double counting and erroneous data points prior to analysis.

Compare internal and public data

MDCPartners also offers users a powerful portal that compares competing patient recruitment efforts. This allows a pharmaceutical company to compare its internal data to results of trials sponsored by other companies. Dynamic dashboards quickly reveal overlapping or competing studies, which is vital information for improving site management strategies. They also help users distinguish seemingly subtle nuances between studies.

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MDCPartners can help you with data extraction and custom reporting.

The expertise we acquired while developing our core products allows us to offer tailor-made real world data solutions to any organization, including those outside the field of life science.

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