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Anju Software Continues to Build the Next Generation Life Science Software and Data Platform Through Acquisition of MDCPartners

NEW YORK–Anju Software Inc., a life sciences software platform backed by Providence Equity Partners, has acquired Antwerp-based MDCPartners, a company that specializes in business intelligence data solutions for clinical trial optimization, medical expert identification and competitive intelligence.

“MDCPartners will enable Anju to provide additional value added solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. This acquisition strengthens Anju’s current product portfolio and can now provide up-to-date comprehensive data for Medical Expert Engagement and Clinical Trial Optimization. MDC, which is based in Belgium, also provides us with operations in Europe to better service our global customers,” said Mr. Kurien Jacob, CEO of Anju Software.

“Anju’s approach and philosophy provides us with financial strength and scale as well as additional resources to support our growth strategy and guide our clients over the long-term,” added Mireille De Cré, co-founder and CEO of MDCPartners.

“With the acquisition of MDCPartners, Anju continues its accelerated growth within the Medical Affairs and clinical trial sectors. Anju is now recognized as an emerging leader in the life science software industry, providing end-to-end software solutions that help customers manage mission critical pharma processes and turn data into actionable insights. We continue to be impressed with what the Anju management team, led by CEO Kurien Jacob, has been able to achieve in a short period of time,” said Gopi Vaddi, Managing Director of Providence Strategic Growth.

Snell and Wilmer acted as legal counsel to Anju and Madison Park Group acted as financial advisors to Anju on the transaction.

About Anju Software

Anju Software is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to the life sciences industry. The Company provides an integrated platform spanning clinical, medical affairs and after-market functions for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and clinical research organizations. Anju was founded by a group of operating professionals with deep software domain expertise and intent on building the next generation platform for the life sciences sector. Over the past two years, Anju has acquired five companies:

  • Online Business Applications – Market leader in medical information solutions and pharmacovigilance
  • OpenQ – Solutions for key opinion leader (KOL) engagement and management
  • ClinPlus – Provider of comprehensive electronic data capture (EDC), clinical trials management software (CTMS), electronic trial master file (eTMF) solutions
  • Sylogent – Clinical data capture and publishing planning solutions
  • MDCPartners – Business intelligence solutions

Anju Software is a portfolio company of Providence Strategic Growth, the growth equity affiliate of Providence Equity Partners, a global private equity firm with over $57 billion in capital under management.

About MDCPartners

MDCPartners provides business intelligence solutions for clinical trial optimization, medical expert identification and competitive intelligence. With deep expertise in the fields of data mining, semantic processing and engineering, MDC provides its clients with event-based tools to monitor and analyze an ever-expanding world of public and private data. With their proprietary data solutions, users can transform millions of scattered data points into a robust snapshot of a therapeutic area. MDC combines its expertise in drug development processes with its unique IT architecture to provide cost effective information solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. MDCPartners offers a product suite that includes: ta-Scan, a web-based data platform that helps users monitor, aggregate, and analyze regulatory data, trial data and expert profiles; normScan: web-based standards tracking tool tailored to clients’ product range; and Real World Solutions; a tool allowing the depiction of external client data merged with information from a public data cloud.

About Providence Equity

Providence is a premier global private equity firm with more than $57 billion in capital under management. Providence pioneered a sector-focused approach to private equity investing with the vision that a dedicated team of industry experts could build exceptional companies of enduring value. Since the firm’s inception in 1989, Providence has invested in more than 160 companies and is a leading equity investment firm focused on the media, communications, education and information industries. Providence is headquartered in Providence, RI, and also has offices in New York and London. For more information, please visit


Anju Software
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MDCPartners announces 2018 innovation strategy this week at SCOPE Summit in Orlando (FL)

At the 9th annual SCOPE Summit, taking place in Orlando (Florida) this week, MDCPartners will present their two latest innovative designs to the public: ta-Scan Podium and InterSect. ta-Scan Podium is an online tablet application for Clinical Ops, Medical Affairs teams, and Medical Science Liaisons that enables users to find full profiles of all relevant Key Opinion Leaders and Key External Experts. InterSect is a desktop application that interfaces with the entire ta-Scan database on a semantic level. This unique query tool allows users to overlap internal data with the ta-Scan database and match and correlate the data in the system.

Both new innovative technologies are based on the organization’s well-known clinical business intelligence solution ta-Scan and its Semantic Search System. The patented Trial Cloud® and web mining software of ta-Scan, which is the largest semantically linked clinical database available on the web, combined with its powerful search capabilities, allow users to quickly find and analyze clinical data from multiple global public sources. The effortless delivery of in-depth and clear insights into any data point in the database is what classifies these tools as digital innovations.

This year’s SCOPE summit will focus on stimulating innovation, change, and personalized solutions to improve the clinical trial process. With hot topics such as clinical technology and innovation and artificial intelligence in clinical research, it’s important for exhibitors to stay on top of these latest developments. Where MDCPartners’ focus in the previous years was more on the introduction of new features and developments, this year it has shifted to more personalized solutions, with new modules being completely customizable to integrate private data.

“As a company which provides clinical intelligence, we believe it is crucial to gain greater insights into therapeutic area landscapes by using innovative and personalized solutions. That’s why we collaborate with our clients to answer the business questions they need. The goal of creating these new modules is not only to increase work efficiency, but also to make decision making more transparent and interoperable,” says CEO Mireille De Cré. MDCPartners will introduce the full product portfolio at the SCOPE summit and provide top pharma executives with private sessions to test and use the products live.

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MDCPartners Introduces Medical Expert Search Tool for Biopharma with New “ta-Scan Podium” App

MDCPartners introduces ta-Scan Podium, an online application for Clinical Ops, Medical Affairs teams and Medical Science Liaisons. The technology is based on the organization’s well-known clinical business intelligence solution ta-Scan, which effortlessly delivers in-depth and clear profiles of all relevant Key Opinion Leaders and Key External Experts. The application also categorizes these expert profiles by their medical relevance and professional credentials. The ranking is based on the experts’ past and current clinical research activity and their experience levels within various disease areas.

The growing need for a user-friendly and up-to-date database of expert profiles led to the development of ta-Scan Podium. This mobile enterprise tool compresses hours of internet searching to a few clicks.

“Increasing scrutiny how pharma engages with therapeutic leaders has created a new demand in selection and evidence-based approaches to rank KOLs by fair market value,” commented David Cocker, Chief Scientific Officer at MDCPartners. ta-Scan Podium is powered by ta-Scan’s semantic search system: a user types in some medical filters, and ta-Scan Podium returns a list of potential KOL names, their rank, and therapeutic relevance. Tapping the résumé icon reveals a full profile. The patented Trial Cloud® and web mining software of ta-Scan, which is the largest semantically linked clinical database available on the web, combined with its powerful search capabilities, allows users to quickly find and analyze clinical expert data from multiple global public sources.

This new mobile application is a milestone in the product portfolio of MDCPartners. As a company which provides clinical intelligence and consultancy, MDCPartners believes it is crucial to gain greater insights into the therapeutic area expert landscape.

ta-Scan Podium Mobile Semantic Search tablet

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CTCLS Provides Japan with Solution to Support and Accelerate Clinical Development

We are proud to present our partnership with CTC (an ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation division), who will distribute clinical development solution ta-Scan throughout Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, CTC offers ICT solutions for the life science industries, including the pharmaceutical industry.

For the first time in Japan, CTC has established an agency agreement with MDCPartners, headquartered in Belgium. CTC now distributes ta-Scan, a business intelligence software platform to assist the clinical study program implementation.

“With offering ta-Scan,” CTC states, “it is our objective […] to help reduce clinical study periods and lowering costs in clinical research and development for pharma drug, contributing to the optimization of our customer’s investment and the enhancement of competitiveness.”

For more information and use cases, read CTC’s complete press release.

CTC Contact Information

Sales Department 2

NEWS RELEASE: MDCPartners launches new ta-Scan software that ‘will revolutionize’ the way pharmaceutical companies plan for the future

Antwerp, Belgium | 24 January 2017 – MDCPartners today launches ta-Scan 5, an update of its global web-based platform that analyses clinical trial data. The new platform is set to revolutionize the way pharmaceutical researchers plan for the future, by providing unrivaled insights that will help inform future business decisions.

The new ta-Scan 5 is the first software of its kind to use exceptionally powerful algorithms to analyse clinical data from multiple global public sources in its patented Trial Cloud®. The new version 5 will mean that pharmaceutical companies are able to obtain more valuable insights on clinical research than ever before, via a more streamlined process.

The software will allow companies to go into more detail on clinical trial research than ever before, with access to over 250,000 clinical trials and 7 million scientific and clinical experts. This will provide unique insights on specific compounds, research institutes, clinical centers, patient populations, key investigators and competitor analysis to help strategic decision making.

“We believe the opportunity in clinical business intelligence is the freedom to look at data from multiple sources, from any region, combined into one system that’s easy to use. The new ta-Scan 5 does just that – it taps into vast amounts of information and provides comprehensive analysis that can be broken down easily. Pharmaceutical companies are now starting to realize their opportunities in gathering the most valuable business intelligence, and I believe the ability of this software will fundamentally change the way clinical research is planned and executed across the industry,” comments David Cocker, CSO for MDCPartners, who is presenting this week at the SCOPE Summit in Miami, Florida.

“For the first time ever, MDCPartners has been able to simplify complex trial-related queries and perform deep analysis using the most powerful algorithms yet. Using Real World Solutions, we can link internal and external information together through a portal, to generate a comprehensive landscape and get a full view of where the competing trials are conducted, and where the patient populations are. Before, we couldn’t link this information, now it is at our fingertips,” comments Dr Bart Naudts, Lead Data Architect at MDCPartners.

The ta-Scan web platform has been used by pharmaceutical and biotech researchers for the last decade. It has transformed and advanced the process of intelligence gathering and analyzes across the industry.

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Notes to Editors

About ta-Scan

ta-Scan is an intelligence web platform for clinical development, which analyses data for trial planning, expert profiling, disease landscape and competitive intelligence, for researchers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. It was launched nearly a decade ago to transform and advance the intelligence gathering and analyses that enable clinical development.

Powerful algorithms enable researchers to bypass print publications, restrictive registries and dense databases for the insights they need to make evidence-based decisions. With ta-Scan, users can locate key opinion leader (KOL) associations, investigators with specific therapeutic experience, or institutes with the capacity to conduct complex protocols.

To find out more about ta-Scan, please visit:

About ta-Scan 5

ta-Scan 5 is the updated model of ta-Scan, which was recently launched by MDCPartners at the SCOPE Summit in Miami, Florida, in January 2017. It offers a uniquely streamlined and simplified intelligence gathering process and improves data access and value, allowing for a more intuitive, business-oriented workflow.

ta-Scan 5 features a refined and robust search engine tool which activates alternative information pathways with the flexibility to adjust query filters with ease. The number and potential combination of trial-related queries is unrestricted, meaning that hundreds of data classes are semantically connected that can be accessed by one query.

To find out  more about ta-Scan 5, please visit:

About MDCPartners

Founded in 1999, MDCPartners specialises in business intelligence and strategic consultancy for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. They combine drug development expertise with the latest data sciences to provide clinical trial optimisation, medical expert identification and competitive intelligence.

MDCPartners is a leader in the field of data mining and semantic processing. With their patented data solutions, their clients transform millions of dispersed data points into meaningful intelligences.

MDCPartners is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, with sales offices in the USA and Japan. It has three flagship products for global pharmaceutical data solutions, including:

  • ta-Scan: the flagship product ta-Scan is a web business intelligence platform that analyses clinical development programmes, trial and site data, and involvement of medical experts
  • normScan: the medical device standards monitoring tool, normScan, is tailored to the client’s medical device portfolio. normScan tracks all relevant device standards and regulatory documents that have been published or are in development
  • Real World Solutions: an evolving area of business for MDCPartners are the customised data solutions, which tap into a robust inventory of algorithms and unique visualisation tools. Users can gain optimal insights from data either as stand-alone or combined with public data

To find out more about MDCPartners, please visit:





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