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MDCPartners is looking for a Senior Java Application Developer

MDCPartners maintains a shared data platform on which several applications are constantly being developed. We are looking for a new member who will join the development team of ta-Scan, a web based business intelligence platform for the pharmaceutical industry. Development is done in Java. The application development environment is GWT/Vaadin. As an experienced and passionate Java application developer, your job is to maintain and augment existing Java components and co-design new features in collaboration with the existing development team. Read more about this vacancy.

MDCPartners is looking for a Senior Java Developer with an eye for data

MDCPartners produces large volumes of healthcare data on a weekly basis. This requires skilled Java developers with an eye for data. We are looking for a senior Java developer who can join the team of data lifters at MDCPartners, with the goal to oversee parts of the data generation process, based on intimate knowledge of its different aspects. Read more about this vacancy.





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