About us

MDCPartners specializes in business intelligence and strategic consultancy for clinical trial optimization, medical expert identification and competitive intelligence. We combine expertise on the drug development process with unique IT architecture to provide cost effective information solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

MDCPartners is a leader in the field of data mining, semantic processing and engineering. We provide major biopharmaceutical and medical device companies with event-based tools to monitor and analyze an ever expanding world of public and private data. With our proprietary data solutions, users can transform millions of scattered data points into a robust snapshot of a therapeutic area. MDCPartners has been acquired by the Anju Software Group in June 2018.

ta-Scan is a web based data platform that helps monitor, aggregate, visualize and analyze clinical development programs, trial and site data with medical expert profiles.

Our bespoke data solutions tap into the robust inventory of algorithms and unique analysis tools necessary for strategic data representation. MDCPartners has the expertise to help you gain optimal insights from your data, either stand-alone or in comparison to the public data industry and academia at large.

normScan is a web-based monitoring tool for medical device standards. Tailored to the manufacturer’s medical device portfolio, this software platform tracks all relevant device standards and regulatory documents that have been published and are in development.

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About MDCPartners

  • Solid growing company working with 12 out of the 25 top Pharma companies
  • Based in Antwerp, Belgium with sales offices in the USA and Japan (distributorship)
  • Owner of software patent
  • 4 flagship products and derived related Data Solutions for global pharmaceutical companies

Data Assets

  • 200+ public data sources
  • 420 indications covered
  • more than 4 million authors
  • 340,000 investigators
  • more than 200,000 trials
  • 115,000 sites
  • 600,000 conference presenters
  • more than one million medical experts linked to Pharma
  • 12,000 drugs

Our Management Team

Mireille De Cré


Mireille is a PharmD. Before founding MDCPartners in 1999, she held various positions in clinical research, regulatory affairs and marketing in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector.

David J Cocker

Chief Revenue Officer, Data Services

David is an experienced health care executive with a deep understanding of global clinical operations. After 25 years in the central clinical laboratory business founding some of Europe’s largest clinical labs, David is MDCPartners’ business lead for ta-Scan and customized business intelligence platforms.

Bart Naudts

Director Data Services

Bart holds a PhD in mathematics and computer science. After spending some years in academia, researching optimization and bio-informatics, he joined MDCPartners as IT partner.

Piet van Remortel

Product Manager, Data Services

Piet is an electronics engineer and computer scientist with a PhD in machine learning. He was active in academic research in the areas of optimization and systems biology before joining MDCPartners as IT partner.

Kristof Geentjens

Technical Product Manager

Kristof holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences and worked as a PhD student in the laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Antwerp. He joined the MDCPartners team in 2008, focusing on ta-Scan training and data validation.


Part of Anju Software Group
Release ta-Scan Podium
Launch ta-Scan 5.0
Distributorship Japan
Software patent awarded
Move to bigger office head count 28
Opening of USA Business Development Office
Multi-year ta-Scan contracts signed
Adding free disclosures, more than 15 trial registries
Significant increase in product breadth (ta-Scan 2.0)
First top 10 pharma client for ta-Scan
First IT tool introduced to TA trial analysis ct gov and PubMed were used as primary sources
First IT medical platform
First assignment in clinical trial patient recruitment
Start MDCPartners as consultancy company

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