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The right data and strategic insights are often elusive. That is why MDCPartners takes deeper dives for our clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. By merging our business expertise with unique IT platforms and portals we can fully support your intelligence and business needs for clinical trial optimization, medical expert identification, and regulatory compliance.

Strategic data advances clinical development

MDCPartners is dedicated to providing tools and services to help pharmaceutical companies make better decisions. Our flagship product, ta-Scan, is a web-based data platform that helps users monitor, aggregate, and analyze regulatory data, trial data, and expert profiles. Whether you need to optimize study placement, select research partners, or manage your portfolios, our products and portals will help you bridge the information gaps in today’s competitive clinical research environment.

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While ta-Scan offers the premier navigation and data search experience, MDCPartners has additional data visualization tools that can provide support for more specific needs.

CTAR – Custom reporting for ta-Scan

This complementary tool supplements your ta-Scan data searches and analyses by generating customized reports that are automatically updated with each weekly ta-Scan data refresh.
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LifeRhythm – Visualizing data relationships

Another complementary ta-Scan tool is LifeRhythm, which displays data in an appropriate visual context with interdependent variables. So, for example, you can search for the interconnectivity of any leading researcher.
LifeRhythm also provides a quick method for visualizing the origins of scientific papers, so one publication can connect users to others who have presented on the same topic or participated in related trials. LifeRhythm also includes a robust event dashboard, which tracks recent data revisions.
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Alesia – Advanced Gantt charts

This complementary platform allows ta-Scan users to depict specific clinical trial analyses as advanced Gantt charts.
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Are your medical devices meeting standards?

To support manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), MDCPartners has developed normScan, a web-based standards tracking tool tailored to your product range. It can also help you obtain regulatory approval for marketing products throughout Europe, and can assist you with a broad spectrum of regulatory issues related to maintaining compliance.

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Bring your own data, use our know-how

MDCPartners doesn’t just offer tools for visualizing public data. We also provide tools for depicting external client data merged with information from our public data cloud. So if you have specific needs that surpass the scope of ta-Scan, you can still rely on us for tailor-made data solutions.

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Latest News & Events

MDCPartners and ta-Scan at ESMO 2016 Copenhagen

Meet the ta-Scan Oncology Team at ESMO 2016 in Copenhagen

European Society for Medical Oncology

Next stop on our bill: the ESMO 2016 Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark on 7-11 October 2016.

The annual ESMO congress is the premier scientific platform to present your oncology research and as such, the ultimate learning experience for congress attendees. Across disciplines and across cultures, ESMO bridges the gap between researchers, clinicians and patients and unites all stakeholders focused on finding the most effective cancer treatment solutions available today.

ESMO 2016 will continue to build upon the success of past congresses, offering a top-notch scientific and educational programme created by international experts in oncology. View the online meeting programme here.

Meeting up

ta-Scan‘s oncology team will be present in Copenhagen as well to show the oncology society how our clinical business intelligence software ta-Scan can leverage today’s medical oncology data challenges.

If you want to learn more about our software solutions, you can meet us personally during the conference. Just make an appointment with David CockerJonathan Crowther, or Koen Snijders.

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MDCPartners at Immunotherapy Leaders Berlin 2016

Meet the ta-Scan Team at Immunotherapy Leaders Europe

Immuno-oncology in Berlin

Enjoying the summer, we are also excited about what comes after: in September, the ta-Scan team will be present at Immunotherapy Leaders Europe, the annual meeting for Immuno-Oncologists in Berlin.

Biomarkers for patient selection

Learn how to use our clinical business intelligence portal ta-Scan to boost success rates in immuno-oncology clinical trials through biomarker-driven patient selection from Strategic Analyst Oncology Dr Jonathan Crowther‘s presentation on:

“Biomarker evolution and utility for patient selection in clinical research”

Wednesday, September 21,  2:45 – 3:05 PM
Stream 3: Boosting success rates in immuno-oncology clinical trials
through biomarker-driven patient selection

  • Using the clinical business intelligence platform ta-Scan to track the evolution of immunotherapy biomarkers and improve patient selection resulting in successful clinical research.
  • Analysis of the immuno-oncology biomarker landscape: What are the trending biomarkers and how do they compare across clinical research?
  • Improving on study design, the who and where in clinical research.
    –  Estimation of patient cohorts?
    –  Key opinion leaders in the field?
    –  What benchmarks have been previously established?
  • Geographical site selection
    –  Where are trials primarily taking place?
    –  What countries and locations are suitable for my trial?

Dr Jonathan Crowther

Jonathan Crowther Immunotherapy Europe ta-Scan MDCPartners

Jonathan Crowther is Strategic Analyst Oncology at MDCPartners where he is working on growing oncology-based projects on the ta-Scan platform. Jonathan holds a PhD from the VIB/University of Leuven (Belgium) where he studied the role of large scale deletions in cancer and explored their potential as novel biomarkers of drug response. Jonathan provided bioinformatic analysis and big data solutions to ongoing areas of research, working on large cancer patient data sets such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). In this capacity Jonathan significantly contributed to a number of ongoing projects and has published on these topics.

Meeting up

You can also meet us personally at booth #27 to see a live demonstration of our ta-Scan software. Just drop by or make an appointment with David Cocker or Jonathan Crowther.

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New Office MDCPartners Wall Logo and Rubens Site Antwerp

We Have Moved to a New Office in Antwerp!

We are happy to announce that we have moved into a brand new office and headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium.

MDCPartners continues to grow, and as a natural step in that growth we’ve acquired more space. On March 30, 2016 we moved just a couple of blocks down the road, to our new location on the beautiful Rubens site. Our new office is double the size of our old location, giving our staff a greatly improved environment and room for continued expansion.

From our new office we will be able to work even more effectively, and you can rest assured that we are already preparing a couple of great new product features and events. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has contributed to the company and its continued success throughout these exciting last 10 years.

Our new mailing and visiting address is:

MDCPartners cvba
Uitbreidingstraat 86/2
B-2600 Berchem

All our other contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, remains the same.

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